Inspired by: Science, Nature, Technology, Video Games & Fantasy

AFK Creations creates handmade custom geek gifts, fandom merchandise and provide a unique display and selection at trade shows.

Unique Flexible Sculpted Jewelry
Cosplay & Costume Accessories
Set & Scenery Fabrication
Recycled and Upcycled Art

  • Sets & Scenery

    We love fabricating large scale projects for indoor or outdoor events and attractions. We offer a variety of flexible and hard coatings to protect our creations for many years. Our team has a knack for keeping projects low budget and we like to include as many recycled and second hand materials as we can procure.

  • Sustainable Art

    We often salvage
    E-Waste, Styrofoam, construction site leftovers, cans, jars, discarded shipping
    materials, and turn them into new creations to be enjoyed.

  • Convention and Craft Show Vendor

    AFK has over 8 years of experience selling in person and provides a unique tradeshow display along with a selection of Artisan
    Handmade geek gifts, and custom fandom memorabilia for sale.

    We also can provide educational panels, craft workshops, and costume judging for your event.

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Zelda Chest